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Since 1989, as a hobby, I have arranged Mechanical Music in my spare time, firstly using Melvyn Wright's "Music Roll And Organ Book Editor" software that ran on a vintage Amstrad CPC6128 computer, but now, more recently, I've taught myself how to use the "Cakewalk Pro Audio" software with much appreciated assistance from the Dutch Mechanical Music Arranger, Tom Meijer.


Up until now, I have produced arrangements of my favourite music that I've heard before and liked very much with some of this being music I've heard the likes of the famous White's Mammoth Gavioli fairground organ playing, as well as creating customer-requested music passed on to me by Melvyn Wright (


Now though, I have decided to "go it alone" and so have created the business, David Aldridge Mechanical Music Arranger. With this business I am now able to both arrange and then also supply the Mechanical Music I produce myself, and have also created this web site to use to advertise my work.


I am willing to undertake work on the production of new music made from scratch for your Mechanical Organ, and supply this to you either as a MIDI file or paper print-out that you can then use to produce a perforated cardboard music book from yourself.


Perforated paper roll and cardboard book music I can supply as an extra service at cost.


The price of each of my arrangements is dependent on the scale size and format for your organ, and also the length and complexity of your requested music. 


I work from audio recordings on CDs, mp3 files and piano score sheet music which you will need to supply to me by post with your order, or this can be sourced by me at additional cost. I can supply either keyless or keyed music for scales from 20 notes up to 65 notes.


Please supply a copy of your organ's scale when ordering, and use the form or my postal address on the Contact Page to contact me. Payment in advance is preferred by PayPal using my e-mail address for this:


Alternative payment methods accepted - please ask me about these when contacting me to place an order.


Please check the Music List page for a list of music I currently have for sale and also to watch a video of my Magic Accordion playing a sample arrangement.


I look forward to supplying all of your Mechanical Music needs very soon.


Kind regards,

David Aldridge.

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